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Three Tips for Better Content Distribution

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Three Easy Tips for Better Content Distribution

Jonah Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, says you should think like the mormons – spend as much time thinking about how you will share your message as you do about the message itself. Here are a few tips to help you get your content in front of more eyeballs:

Let Content Live Where it Performs Best

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Is it better for your content to get 2,000 views on your own website, or get 50,000 views on another site?

Allow one of your monthly blog posts or articles to be hosted by another website. This may mean that you post it on Social Media Today, like I did here. It may mean that you send it out to some bloggers and influencers in your industry and get one of them to pick it up on their blog or website. You’ll have to make this an exclusive piece of content for two reason:

1) To incentivize someone else to run it. Websites want new, original content.

2) To avoid Google penalties. Google will penalize your site for running content that is identical to content on another site.

I’d recommend putting out one of your best pieces of content each month to another site, and make sure that the article has links back to other relevant stories on your site. Here’s how you should think about it: is it better for a piece of content to get 2,000 views on your own website, or get 50,000 views on another site? I’ll take the 50,000 – that means more people learning about your brand and potentially coming back to your site through links in your article.

If you have a video, make sure that the video lives on YouTube, which is the number two search engine behind Google. Put videos up on youTube and then embed them into your site.

Interview Influencers

interviewing experts
Get outside of your comfort zone by interviewing experts in your field

Does your content solely feature ideas that come from you or your staff? Consider getting outside of your comfort zone by interviewing experts in your field. This helps your content in several ways:

1) It validates your content in the eyes of the community when you include the opinions of respected experts.

2) It helps you build professional relationships with experts in your industry and introduces them to your brand.

3) It increases your chances of those experts sharing your content. Once your interview is posted, let the interviewed expert know and send them a link. They may tweet out the link to their audience. Furthermore, now that you are on their radar, you have a better chance of that influencer discovering more of your content in the future.

Let People StumbleUpon Your Content

After you create each piece of content, enter it into StumbleUpon. Stumbleupon will help people who are interested in your topic find your content. There are similar sites, such as Flipora, but StumbleUpon is the gold standard.

Create an account today, start submitting, and check your analytics in a month – I guarantee you will see some traffic coming in from StumbleUpon.

What are your tips for distributing your content? Let me know in the comments!

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