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What your business can learn from the agency model
Business Strategy

5 Lessons Your Business Can Learn from the Agency Model

This is one of my posts that originally ran on AllBusiness. See the original version here. In my career, I’ve worked in corporate, nonprofit, and agency settings. I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of businesses hiring agencies as they can get things...

New and Improved!
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Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand The days of the "gold watch retirement" are over. You won't be at your current company forever.(image courtesy of stock.xchng) In the business world, you’re all you’ve got. Your jobs, bosses and coworkers will come and...

Web Strategy

Google Hummingbird Changes Everything and Nothing

What is Google Hummingbird? Will Google Hummingbird help or hurt your site's search results? Hummingbird is name for the new changes to Google's search engine algorithm, which were announced last week. As noted by USA Today, "The new algorithm makes...

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