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kill the pageview
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Kill the Pageview: Three Engagement Metrics That Matter

It’s time to kill the pageview as a measure of success. Most organizations still do not have a data strategy. They may collect data, but they are still struggling with knowing exactly what, where and when to measure. That’s why...

New and Improved!
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Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand The days of the "gold watch retirement" are over. You won't be at your current company forever.(image courtesy of stock.xchng) In the business world, you’re all you’ve got. Your jobs, bosses and coworkers will come and...

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How to Build a Great Website

Stop being self-centered! Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, someone who has no relation to your company. The #1 piece of advice that I give clients when thinking about a new website design is this: put yourself in...

Value added
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Add value to your website

A good blog should be like a newspaper site. News sites keep the content rolling so people will keep checking back in for the latest updates. I read a tweet yesterday quoting usability expert Jared M. Spool that said “People...

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