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kill the pageview
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Kill the Pageview: Three Engagement Metrics That Matter

It’s time to kill the pageview as a measure of success. Most organizations still do not have a data strategy. They may collect data, but they are still struggling with knowing exactly what, where and when to measure. That’s why...

Super Bowl Ads

Three Predictions for 2015 Super Bowl Ads

Three Predictions for the 2015 Super Bowl Ads The 2015 Super Bowl is days away, and the Ad Meter will be in full swing. Though some brands will spend their entire marketing budget on an ad during the big game,...


Content and the Brand Promise

Content That Shows the Brand Promise I was fortunate enough to talk to Steve Farnsworth recently, a great discussion with a fellow marketing geek. I was interviewing him for an upcoming magazine article about content that lives the mission statement....

Optimize images for search
MarketingWeb Strategy

Optimize images for SEO

How to Optimize Images for Search SEO is not a magic formula to drive customers to your site, but you can increase the chances that they find you in a search by optimizing your images for search. There are several...

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