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How the Mighty (Wings) Have Fallen: McDonald’s Fails Again With Transparency Campaign

Three Reasons Former Titan of TV Advertising Fails in the Digital Age Last week, it was announced that McDonald’s profit fell 30 percent in the third quarter, the third consecutive quarter in which the company has missed Wall Street’s sales...

Subway Fritos

Has Subway Lost Its Way?

Has Subway Lost Its Way?      Better hold onto those fat-boy pants, Jared. here come the Fritos sub and the Flatizza. I have often lauded Subway as a brand that lives the mission statement. The brand’s footprint has exploded,...

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Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand The days of the "gold watch retirement" are over. You won't be at your current company forever.(image courtesy of stock.xchng) In the business world, you’re all you’ve got. Your jobs, bosses and coworkers will come and...

Radio SHack Dead

Radio Shack Puts Cart Before Horse

Marketing 101: Take a Good Look at Yourself This morning, Howard Stern did a 20-minute bit on the horrible experiences he has had in the past at Radio Shack, capitalizing on yesterday’s announcement that Radio Shack is closing up to...

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