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Social Media: Are People Clicking Your Links?

bitly tracking clicks social media
Services like bitly can show you how many clicks your URL is getting. I just created this link for an example. As you can see no one is interested!

You can’t create social media content specifically to get people to click links to your website.  Well, you can, but it probably won’t work.

What you can do is use social media to build affinity for your brand and your posts.  You can draw visitors to your site by create socially sharable content – things like helpful or entertaining blog posts.

The question is: how do you know if people are clicking through? There are a few easy and low-cost ways to track how many visits your site is getting from social media.

1)  Use a link shortener. Did you know that shortener is not a word? Well it should be!

A URL shortener like bitly will allow you create shortened, trackable versions of your web links. So if you put up a Facebook post that leads back to your newest blog entry, create a bitly for it and include that in the post.  Then you can use to see who clicked the link (see Image 1).

If you have a business, I would recommend ShortSwitch, which will guide you through setting up your own personalized URL.  If your company is Pete’s Pools, you can likely get a URL like, so your blog entry on new filters might be

Use a different shortened URL for a post on Twitter and on Facebook and see which one gets the most hits.  Put up the same post on different days on Facebook with different URLs and see how the response is.  Experiment to find the best time to reach your audience.

Link 8-bit
Are people following your links in social media?

2)  Google Analytics. You can measure where all incoming traffic to your site comes from, including Facebook and Twitter (which shows up as in Analytics).

Note:  If you are using bitly URLs, they WILL NOT show up as part of your Analytics—you’ll have to use to see your clicks.  If you use ShortSwitch, you will still get the Analytics information.

So there you have it – two easy ways to track whether your social media links are being clicked.

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