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Set the table for social media success

Set the table for social media success

Squanto Facebook page pilgrim
It’s a little known fact that Squanto created the first Facebook page.

It’s almost Thanksgiving!  As I was told in elementary school, when the pilgrims came to the New World, they quickly began running out of food because they didn’t know how to plant crops that would grow in their new environment.

Similarly, a lot of social media pilgrims enter Facebook totally unprepared to create a successful presence. Today, I will play noble Squanto and help you plant some social media corn to see you through the harsh winter.

You’ll hear people at business say “We need a Facebook page.” Usually there is no stated reason for that need beyond, “Everyone else has one, so we need one.”

Questions before starting social media

When beginning to plan out your foray into the wilds of social media, stop to ask yourself a few questions:

Set the table for social media successWho is my audience?  

Who do you want to reach with this Facebook presence?  And don’t say “the public” or “everybody”. Be more specific – who are your customers? What are they like (conservative, offbeat)? Are they soccer moms in the suburbs or are they college kids in Ann Arbor?

Once you know who you are talking to, that can help you determine what to post.   College students might respond to humorous posts and daily deals.  Moms might want recipes or news for kids.

This can help you craft a posting calendar, where you can cultivate an entire year’s worth of posts that your community can really respond to.

Facebook is also a great place to really get to know your fans.  If a certain kind of post gets a lot of likes or shares, you know you’ve struck a nerve (use Facebook Insights to help you).  If nobody is liking/sharing comments, they are telling you that they ain’t buyin what you’re sellin!  Try to mix it up and see what works for your fans. BE CREATIVE!

There is nothing worse than a Facebook page that is updated once every three months.  Someone needs to be updating your page daily, preferably a few times.  If you don’t think you have time for that, Facebook is not for you.

Attention is the currency of social media, and page that don’t post get no love.

cranberry sauce from a can

Set social media goals

What do you want to do? Drive traffic to your website? Get more in-store customers?  Before you start a Facebook page, think about its purpose and how you will measure social media success.

You could use Facebook-only coupons and see how many customers come into the store.  You can use a URL shortener or Google Analytics and track how much of your web traffic comes from Facebook. Some companies use Facebook as a focus group, surveying public opinion on a massive scale.

Turkey time

Now it’s time for the cranberry sauce that is shaped like a can.  And remember, during this season of thanks, to give thanks to your Facebook fans!

Until next time…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!


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