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Prepared, not scripted – creating a Facebook posting calendar

Make your Facebook posting calendar today. I recommend this design.

A posting calendar can be your best friend.  This is where you script out your month’s posts.

I typically fill this calendar with things that will hopefully get my fans talking:

  • Interesting facts
  • Questions/polls
  • Finish my sentence (“The best part of Thanksgiving dinner is…”)

You don’t have to stick to the script

This calendar is not the final word on your posts.  It’s not religion – it’s more of a guide post if you are hard up for topics and you need to keep your page active. Remember, if you aren’t engaging your fans, they will find somewhere else to go!

Say it’s Monday morning.  You are not ready for work, and definitely not ready to think about what to post on Facebook.  Just turn to the calendar for an instant conversation starter. If you have something better – or more pertinent – to post about, just move the scheduled posting to a future date on your calendar.

This also helps your company function if the primary social media person is sick or on vacation.  Someone else can use the calendar to continue posting in their absence.

The most important thing a calendar does is help ensure that your page doesn’t sit around for days or weeks with no updates – a true page-killer!

How to get started

Download a complete calendar for the year – I use WinCalendar if you are looking for a nice free one. Then start filling out the year.  I try to do facts on Mondays, questions/polls on Wednesdays and then Finish my Sentence on Friday. Sometimes I do Free Friday where I try to find something cheap or free to do around town and publicize it

Think about things that relate to your business.  If you own a bar, do a mixed drink recipe or a liquor fact.  If you own a tourism company, do a  historic fact of the day for a certain location..

You can view a sample filled-out calendar month here: Facebook_2011-Weekly-Calendar

Taking the investment of time to plan out your year will pay big dividends in quality of interactions and fan satisfaction.

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