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New Year’s Resolution – Always Measure Success

Okay, it’s 2013 and you are assuredly seeing plenty of lists about resolutions.

Harry Gold of Click-Z just had a nice one called “10 Social Media Marketing New Year’s Resolutions” that has some really nice reminders for ways to keep engaging your social media fans.

Those are fine things to think about, but I only have one resolution I want you to make for 2013.  I want you to find ways to demonstrably measure success for your website, email and social media outlets.

If you are already doing this, then read no further. If you are not, this is the year you make it happen!

Your boss doesn't understand mobile sites.  Educate him with Analytics.
Your boss doesn’t understand mobile sites. Educate him with Analytics.

Don’t create an ego-driven website

Measurement will keep you from creating an ego-driven website, and will help you prevent your bosses from imposing one on you.

An ego-driven website is created without insight about what the customer wants. That’s how you end up with mission statements on landing pages. (By the way – NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR MISSION STATEMENT!)

Ego-driven websites are created with thoughts like, “We wasted spent a lot of time working on this mission statement, so let’s put that front and center on our homepage.”

Look at your Google Analytics — your keywords, exit pages and time spent on site — and you will be able to notice patterns that will allow you to understand what your customers are looking for and how you can predict what they will respond to positively.

Arm yourself with information before you try to sell your ideas!
Arm yourself with information before you try to sell your ideas!


If you are looking at your Analytics, one thing you will definitely notice is a swell in mobile visitors.  My employer’s mobile visits went from 2% in 2010 to 6% in 2011 to 13% in 2012.

As Likeable Socical Media’s Dave Kerpen noted in this interview, the last group to adopt social media is 45-year-old-plus men, who also happen to be running most of the companies in the world.

The same can be said of mobile.  Without Analytics you will run into the ego-driven wall: “I don’t visit websites on MY phone, therefore, it is not important that we create a mobile site.”

What’s your resolution?

What is your 2013 marketing resolution?  Please share it in the comments below.  Here’s looking forward to another great year!

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