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How your CEO is hurting your online success

I was reading a post by Carter Hostelley called “5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing is  NOT Helping Your Content Marketing Efforts.”

I though Hostelley made some great point about content marketing strategy, but what I really saw in this article is the point that your company’s structure (which starts at the top) is hurting the company’s ability to succeed in social media and content marketing.

Lack of accountability

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
A lack of accountability will hurt your social media strategy.

I’ve been seen a lot of companies that still operate without any analysis. As Hostelley notes, that can mean that it is unclear who owns the results. Who does the buck start and stop with for social media success? Companies must assign someone responsibility for not only managing social media, but for finding a measurable means to show results.

Failure to measure leads to a lack of accountability and leads to ego-driven marketing, i.e., “I like this video we made, therefore it must be good content for our customers.”

Companies need to have at least one dedicated social media manager. This person advises on the creation of content, manages the posting calendar, interacts with the online community, and measures and reports results.

 Not creating effective content

Good content is based on strategy
Analytics will help you create content that will engage your customers.

Creating content is great, but you have to use analysis to make sure that content is what your audience is looking for.

Hostelley suggests that your social media manager weigh in with content creators, offering insights on what the social community is talking about. They should also be able to offer some analytics about what types of content has proved popular in the past.

Using web analytics can also inform your content creators about the search terms your customers use and what content on your site is popular.

Success starts at the top

Survive in marketing
The companies that can let go of “the way we’ve always done things” will be the companies that survive in the new age of marketing.

To succeed online, these strategies have to embraced from the top of your company. CEOs must embrace analytics as a guide for content creation as opposed to pure gut feeling. A convergence of data, technology and creativity is the new way of business moving forward. Creativity must be driven by strategy, which is driven by analysis. Companies must embrace analytics to succeed.

In addition, many companies still need to fully embrace social media. I have worked with clients who refuse to discuss Twitter–a stance that shows that the CEO values their own personal likes over the broader success of the company. Every company needs, at the very least, a dedicated social media manager. Someone to manage postings, interact with fans, spot trends and collect and present data.

The companies that can let go of “the way we’ve always done things” will be the companies that survive and compete in the new age of marketing.

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