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How Funny or Die can Help your Social Media

Funny or Die logoWhat do you mean everything can't be a ome run?

At the 2013 Techweek Chicago, Funny or Die president Dick Glover was interviewed about how he manages the award-winning comedy website and production and distribution company. There were some takeaways that anyone can take to heart when thinking about social media outreach.

Everything can’t be a home run

What do you mean everything can't be a home run?
What do you mean everything can’t be a home run?

If you haven’t noticed, Funny or Die puts out a LOT of content. However, Glover notes that only four out of every 10 videos may end up being successful with audiences. He noted: “If you hit 400 in baseball, you would be a first ballot hall-of-fame player. Plus, different videos appeal to different people. Your favorite four videos may be different from my favorite four.”

This is an important point as well. Though we like to think of our audiences as fitting into a few large categories, they are individual people who will respond in different ways to your content. It’s important to put a variety of content up on your social media site – mix news, humor, conversation starters and even sentimental pieces (see more about this in my blog entry on Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti).

And if one, two, or even three of your posts don’t get traction, don’t give up.  It takes a while to build an audience—both for you to get in tune with what your audiences like, and for them to begin to see you as a source of useful information.

Be willing to change course

While it is important not to give up, it is also important to listen to what customers are telling you.  What posts are they responding to? Which types of posts help bring traffic to your site? Which posts are shared the most? Be confident, but don’t think you are too good to listen to feedback.

If you have been at it for a few months, and things aren’t looking up, it’s time to change your approach. Think about your favorite social media posts.  What did you like about them? How can you generate the same feelings in your audience?

You don’t need to spend a fortune

This is one of my core beliefs about digital media—it takes time, it takes planning, but it doesn’t take a  lot of money. Glover noted that Funny or Die was hired to create an ad for Old Milwaukee beer for the Super Bowl. The ad, which cost about $1000 generated more Social Media mentions than the “hundred-million dollar Bud ads” that ran during the same game, according to Glover.

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