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Guest Alert! 2013 Predictions from Aireen Arellano

crystal ballThis is not a picture of Aireen Arellano, but these are her social media predictions for 2013
crystal ball
This is not a picture of Aireen Arellano, but these are her social media predictions for 2013

When Ryan asked me to put together my predictions for social media trends in 2013, I was flattered. But then I was freaked.

I’m more designer by trade and passion than social media maven. About this time of the year, you’re going to see several bloggers crystal balling about this year’s trends, and since I’m not a “social media expert,” (is anyone really?), I can give you my calls as I see ’em from a designer’s standpoint. And, mister, don’t underestimate the designer. 😉


The Rise of the Solopreneur

An increase in one-man and one-lady companies is well on its way. In the last few months, I’ve had more and more colleagues confide that they’re over the 9-to-5 and are ready to gear up for the 24/7. (I’m not sure they know it’ll be a 24-hour job yet… don’t spoil it for them! ;P) More solopreneurs means more individual voices speaking with passion, which will be a refreshing change from big companies speaking robotically over the Facebook and Twitter soapboxes. Watch out, World. You’ve got some exciting new products on the way with hungry and smart minds to deliver them.


Getting Serious About Making Facebook and Twitter Pages Pretty

Time to start dressing up those Facebook pages!

More and more small companies are getting serious about pimping out their Facebook and Twitter pages. And I’m talking about more than just slapping on a nice logo, cover image, and background.

Even smaller companies are putting more money into creating a social media strategy that includes Facebook campaigns that encourage users to create and share their content that the companies will then use to promote their products/services. It’s old hat for larger companies, but the rise of the solopreneur is making way for small companies to become savvy on their own.


It’s All About the Videos, Baby

When I attended Social Media Week last September, speakers mentioned more than a few times in different sessions that videos garner better search results. As a total video newb (I’ve never uploaded a YouTube video in my life), it certainly got my attention! I’m seriously contemplating creating a reel for myself… yes, even to showcase my print and web work. I also had more clients requesting their videos be placed right on their homepages.


“You wanna get on the… phone??”

I have a confession [gulp]: I hate phone calls. Why? Well, for your classic reasons that people hate phone calls. The idea of no eye contact, gestural context, facial context, body language just… gives me the heebie jeebies. When I have to make a phone call to a client, I get as anxious as I did when I was in 6th grade getting ready to call a boy I had a crush on.

But by the time the conversation is rolling, the client can’t tell I was sweating it just seconds earlier. Why? Because for one, my clients are actually fun and great to talk to. And two, once the call starts, I always think, “MAN, just this one call saved all the time we would’ve spent emailing each other back and forth.” As the digital-social-techie savvy beings we are, we have a tendency to move fast and look for the next big change. But we also have a need to preserve what works. And you can’t argue with saved time.


About Aireen Arellano

Aireen Arellano is a designer who founded her company, Aerial Ardour, LLC in 2009 when she decided to go rogue and become a solopreneur. Some of Aireen’s favorite things include design, deadlines and very happy clients. Aireen has eight years of professional experience in art direction, print, web design, rich media, packaging, illustration, and social media branding and has used these skills to develop an expertise in the beverage and hospitality industries.
She exemplifies her attributes of quickness, friendliness, and dependability with a compulsion for detail through her company, which demonstrates her Passion on Paper and Pixels™.
To see if her work is worthy of your thumbs up, visit her website at
You can also stalk her via your favorite social media outlet:

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