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Google Analytics: Surviving the End of Google Keywords

Is this the end of Google Keyword toolThough Google keywords are going to the grave, you can still find other ways to analyze your audience.
Is this the end of Google Keyword tool
Though Google keywords are going to the grave, you can still find other ways to analyze your audience.

For a long time, I have advocated heavy analysis of Google Analytics Keywords. This is a fantastic element of your analytics that tells you the search terms that brought visitors into your website. It allows you to understand what kinds of content appeal to your customers and to customize your website correspondingly.

Unfortunately, Google has ended Google Analytics Keyword results. Some have speculated that this is a response to the recent NSA snooping scandals or an attempt by Google to force users into purchasing AdWords for search. However, there are still ways to examine customer tastes without the Google-provided keywords.

 Use Internal Search Terms

When people do a search inside of your website, you will still have access to those search terms. This gives you a glimpse at what people who come to your website are looking for and the search terms that they use.

Additionally, pay attention to your most popular content. What do you think is more popular about this content than your other pages? Try to replicate some of that success throughout your site.

Check Your Website’s Keyword Rankings

Find out where your site ranks for the select keywords that you want to be known for. There are a ton of pay services that offer rank checking, but you can check keyword rankings for your website for free with Rank Checker. You can also use this tool to check out where your competitors rank for the same keywords. If you’re not ranking where you want to be, then you need some SEO upgrades to your website and to start writing content more closely related to those search terms.

Analyze Competing Websites

What competitors do you admire? Do some digging into their keywords with a tool like the Wordtracker Scout add-on for Chrome. This handy little tool sits in the bar of your browser and can give you a keyword analysis of the website you are currently viewing with a click.

You can analyze any website’s search performance using Alexa, which is also free.

As I was writing this, I was made aware of another article with the same content. See more ideas for overcoming the loss of Google Keywords here.

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