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Why People Aren’t Reading Your Content

Why people aren't reading your content

Five Reasons Why People Aren’t Reading Your Content

You’ve got good content, but nobody’s reading it. Find out why people aren’t reading your content and get more eyeballs with these tips.

1) Your Content Isn’t SEO Optimized

If you want people to find your content, you have to make sure that it is SEO optimized.

Make sure that you use proper meta titles, meta descriptions and headers throughout your article and that you use the primary keyword (the key phrase that best describes the page’s content) in the meta title, headline, meta description and throughout the article. Also, make sure you use the primary keyword as alt text for any images.

Here are some SEO basics and some tips on WordPress SEO optimization for beginners.

2) Your Content Is Too Commercial

Your Content is Too Commercial
Nobody wants to read a feature-length commercial. Make useful, non-commercial content.

When you buy a magazine, do you read all of the ads inside? Like most people, you probably skip through them to get to the non-commercial content.

I’ve worked with a lot of clients who want content to be thinly disguised advertisements. That’s nice in theory, but the truth is that no one wants to read a feature-length commercial. If you want an audience, you need to be an authentic and useful source of information. You have to give something (useful, commercial-free content) to get something (readers).

3) You Don’t Have Social Share Options

Have you made it easy for people to share your content? Adding social share options to your page will help readers get the word out about your content.

Consider adding a tracker that shows how many times your content has been shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. People like to know that other people also found the content useful.

4) Your Presentation Is Bad

Why people aren't reading your content
Does your online article look like a novel?

Does your online article look like an entry in a scientific journal? If so, you may want to change your presentation style.

Big chunks of text are difficult to read on a computer screen. Break content up into easily digestible pieces. Use subheads to clearly define what each section of your article is about.

Also, use multimedia to make your article more eye-catching. Photos with captions will help readers scan your article and find the sections that they are interested in and videos can help improve the time spent on your site.

5) You Don’t Have Good Content Distribution

Creating the content is only half the job. It’s up to you to get it out there, rather than depending on people finding it.

Start by pushing out your content on social media any way you can. Link to your content on your personal social media accounts, your business accounts, and send it out to employees in case they want to link to it (ask, don’t force).

In addition, consider sending your content to others who might find your piece interesting, such as bloggers in your industry and LinkedIn groups.

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