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Does your website suck?

Does your website suck?
Is this your site?

Websites can be like our children – no matter how ugly they are, we think they’re perfect, because we made them.  While you have to hope that time will make junior more attractive, you can start improving your website today! Also, unlike your children, a better website can help you attract customers or readers.

As I have mentioned before, when groups of people get together to plan a company website, they suddenly stop thinking like users of the web.  That’s when you end up with huge blocks of droning copy or mission statements on the landing page.  The sooner you realize that no one cares about who you are, the better.  They care about how your product, service or content is going to enrich their lives.

Websites That Suck offers an excellent checklist for you to evaluate your own site.  And if you find out your site sucks, it’s okay!  If we never sucked, we would never learn how to un-suck.

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