Do I Need SEO?

Does your business need SEO?

Local SEO Search results
Do you need SEO? Search for your product and see if you are on page one of Google.

If you are wondering, “Do I need SEO?”, here’s an easy test:

1) Think about your primary business product or service in as clear of terms as possible – and not your brand name. So, if I didn’t work at your company and I was searching for the product or service you provide, what would I type into a search engine?

2) Search for that term on Google.

3) Does your company come up on page one? If not, you probably need some SEO help.

SEO is not about ranking at the top of searches for your brand. If people are searching for your company by name, they already want to buy from you.

SEO is about winning the search rankings battles for the products and services you and your competitors both provide. For example, Budweiser’s website ranks #1 in search for “Bud Light,” but doesn’t rank in the top 50 for “light beer.” The products/services are what is important in search.

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