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Building Your Personal Brand on Twitter

stand out on twitterLearn to stand out on Twitter!

Building Your Personal Brand on Twitter

stand out on twitter
Learn to stand out on Twitter!

Only recently – in business and in life – have I come to the realization that you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

This has really helped me in my interactions in Twitter. I have made it a goal to improve my use of Twitter for years, but it hasn’t happened until I got past my ego-driven approach to the medium.

By “ego driven,” I mean that I solely used Twitter as a means to push out my own content. This approach has two problems:

1)   It’s hard to create enough content to keep up a steady feed.  I try to post at least once a week (give or take), but I’ve got regular a job too!

2)   It’s breaking my own rules of social media. I was using Twitter solely as a one-way distribution network, saying nothing beyond, “Follow this link and consume my content!”

I’m not a Twitter master now, but I have found some success recently. To do that I had to get past the ego-driven idea that I had to do everything myself.  Once that happened, I started understanding how the culture of Twitter works, and that reinforced the idea that I didn’t have to do everything myself.

Reuse and Repurpose Content

curate content
Curation is your friend! You don’t have to make everything yourself.

The Internet is already FULL of content. Every piece doesn’t have to be made by you. There are plenty of people out there creating great content. Curation is your friend!

Use Twitter to find content that you enjoy; something that is funny, informative, something that you either agree with or disagree with. Retweet it, comment on it, favorite it. People create content because they have something to say. If you want them to pay attention to you, you’ve got to start paying attention to them. 

Sometimes, you see a tweet that sums up a thought so perfectly, that there is nothing you could add to make it better. So don’t try to reinvent the wheel – retweet it and give the original author credit for their wit and ideas. People notice when you share their content, and they also take notice of you. This is a great way to bring others into your orbit.

Give a Heads Up and a Shout Out

give credit
Give a shout out to those who inspire you!

People on Twitter will not necessarily know when you’ve been inspired by them. If you cite someone in one of your blog posts, give them a heads up via tweet with a link back to your post.

Also, use this opportunity to share your content with some people you respect. If you think one of your posts would be particularly relevant to someone you follow, mention them in a tweet with a link back.

Do this sparingly, however, Don’t inundate people with tweets full of links back to your content. You may want to share an article from someone else – being useful and sharing good content can be just as good as creating the content yourself. 

Be a Good Neighbor

It all goes back to being part of a community. Join in conversations. Respond to people’s tweets with genuine conversation. Get out of sales mode for a while. Be patient. You will see results – I promise!

Do you have more tips for building your personal brand on Twitter? Please share in the comments!



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