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Build your house on solid ground – measuring online success

Would you build an addition to your house without measuring the wood?  Of course not, that’s sounds crazy. Why would you spend that kind of money on something, but then do a half-assed job?

But that’s what is going on every day in marketing departments across the country – people dumping time and money into advertising and websites without measuring what is and isn’t working, or whether anyone’s paying attention at all.

What you measure depends on the medium you are using. This time, I’ll focus on web stats.

To measure web stats, you don’t need to hire a service or buy fancy analytics software.  Just use Google Analytics, it’s free and awesome! Follow this link to set up an account.  I am in no way paid to endorse this, it’s simply the best way to track your web stats.

Google Analytics gives you a code to put in the back-end of your website and then you can track all kinds of stats on your site.  First, get the code put in (there is a support tab that will help you out), and then check in when you are ready to start collecting information on your site.

You can have analytics within 24 hours, but I would suggest collecting a month of data before starting to make reports, and then collecting several months of data to start comparing and coming to conclusions.  Tell your boss to chill – smart work comes for planning and taking your time to do it right.

Okay, now you are ready to measure, but there are a lot of stats in Google Analytics.  Next time, I’ll tell you about the ones that really matter.

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