Improve Your Ecommerce Strategy in 60 Short Minutes
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How to Improve Your Ecommerce Strategy in 60 Short Minutes

A little work can go a long way in the world of ecommerce — here are a few quick tips on strengthening your position in the competitive ecommerce landscape. You don’t always need to invest large amounts of money or...

SEOWeb Strategy

Please Get Rid of Your Videos Page

There is pox upon website design, and it is the “videos” page (also known as the “media” page). This repository for all of your brand’s videos is an outdated idea that should go on the scrap heap of web history...

merging websites
SEOWeb Strategy

A Guide to Merging Websites: SEO and Best Practices

Should I Merge Websites or Keep Multiple Separate Websites? There are pros and cons to merging multiple websites, including branding concerns, but consolidating websites is almost always the advisable option versus managing multiple domains. The first question I hear from...

Clinton Google Video

The Holes in the SourceFeed Hillary Clinton-Google Accusations

This recent SourceFeed video about Google supposedly suppressing information about Hillary Clinton in searches is the worst form of “journalism”. The problem in drawing this Hillary Clinton-Google connection is that has been no manner of study at all, beyond cherry picking...

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